Pokemon Tourmaline GBA

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Version: v0.1.1 demo

Updated: July 01, 2024


Name: Pokemon Tourmaline GBA
Language: English
Creator: Tdilos



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Change Log

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  • Original story, characters, and region
  • Return of many old characters
  • A custom regional Pokédex with 386 Pokémon
  • New regional forms of Pokémon from gens 5-8
  • There is no Mega Evolution, but some Megas have returned as natural evolutions
  • A small number of additional fakemon, including some SpaceWorld designs
  • Updated type chart including Fairy type and a new type, Echo, designed to counter Fairies and Ghosts
  • 4 new status conditions
  • 2 new weather types
  • Over 60 new moves and over 20 new abilities
  • Buffs to some old Pokémon, moves, and abilities
  • Other aspects of the battle system have been updated to gen 8 standards unless otherwise noted
  • A custom set of over 100 TMs and HMs
  • A large number of other moves available through move tutors
  • Return of old features like the day/night cycle, headbutt trees, and daily events
  • Various changes to the UI to create a unique experience
  • Minor QoL features including faster text, Repel prompts, increased bag size, and menu looping. Pokemon Tourmaline GBA


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