Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux GBA

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Version: 9-6-24

Updated: June 9, 2024


Name: Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux
Project: FR
Language: English
Creator: Arnie



A Continuation / Alternate Version Project Of The Original Pokemon Crystal Advance By Kertra. Majorly Includes Exclusive Features From Pokemon Liquid Crystal & Pokemon Crystal Dust.



Previous Versions


Change Log (UPDATE 9/6/24)

  • Evolution problem with metang was fixed.
  • Several cave paths and routes were fixed.
  • Addition of new battlebacks for battle tower.
  • Several front sprites got fixed.
  • Fixed EXP distribution problem.
  • Decapped scripts for johto region.
  • Added Ability Pill as a prize for beating the battle tower.


➔New abilities and attacks.
➔Moveset updated to 4th gen.
➔New type icons, Pokemon icons.
➔B&W style Pokemon sprites.
➔Fairy Type.
➔Reusable TMs.
➔Poison survival.
➔Nature Colors.
➔2nd gen Pokeballs.
➔Gen 3-4 pokemon obtainable.
➔Battle Tower & Bug-Catching Contest.
➔Daily Trade at Goldenrod Casino.
➔Multiple ASM Routines Written By Others.
➔Maps & Game Scripts From Pokemon Liquid Crystal.
➔Title Screen & Intro Animation From Pokemon Crystal Dust.
➔Other Features From Original Crystal Advance.



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  1. Too many updates for this game.I Would prefer wait 6 months or a year until be complete that Download every month an update instead.

  2. Hoping this rom hack includes a dexnav