Pokemon Shinju Adventures RPGXP

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Version: V0.20

Updated: July 01, 2024


Name: Pokemon Shinju Adventures RPGXP
Language: English
Creator: SashaTheYeen



Welcome to the Shinju Region! You are one of our foreign exchange students, and you'll be exploring the region at your own leisure - find as many Pokemon as you like, train to be the very best, or take on the Gym Challenge and the Elite Four! The Shinju Region is a vast and expansive region with lots of biodiversity, which has a much higher rate of the elusive shiny pokemon (1/128) plus you can meet and make friends with other exchange students throughout the region.



Meanwhile, the mysterious Team Sunset is attempting to make a good public image... while some members are unintentionally giving them a bad look. They intend to be heroes... no matter what the cost. Little is known about them, though the leader of the team goes by the name Orion, and has made numerous public and even televised appearances, touting his team as a place to help the "bad eggs" of society to reform and be productive members of society. Though many say they've seen members doing strange things that contradict these claims.



Previous Versions

Change Log

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  • And that's all You get....
  • An built-in nuzlocke feature.
  • Multiple choices events.
  • Faster Speed settings.
  • Mystery gift & Mega evolution.
  • A pseudo type of Wonder Trade.
  • An optional EXP ALL.
  • Multiple sav slots.
  • No trade evolutions. Pokemon Shinju Adventures RPGXP


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