Pokemon Personal Fire Red GBA

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Version: Completed

Updated: April 23, 2024


Name: Pokemon Personal Fire Red GBA
Language: English
Creator: LatiasSoulDew



Pokemon Personal Fire Red is a game that try to improve the original game as much as possible, while trying to be faithful to the original game. Utilized HUBOL DPE CFRU to update it to Gen VIII mechanics.



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Download the file👉👉👉Extract it👉👉👉Rename Extension from txt=gba

Previous Versions

Change Log (April 23, 2024)

  • Champion rematch Pokémon level will match party’s highest level (now he serves as the superboss).
  • Fixed some duplicate and unobtainable TMs (and Pickup may now pick up Lum Berry instead of TM10).
  • Updated Gym Leader Giovanni’s Pokémon.
  • Added King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, Upgrade to Celadon Dept Store.



  • Improved starter ultimate moves.
  • Changed available Move Tutors and make them repeatable.
  • Move Relearner teaches moves of any level.
  • Improved HM field effects.
  • DexNav.
  • Alternatives to Trade Evolutions.
  • New Evolution items in Celadon Department Store.
  • Mega Ring and Mega Stones in various locations.
  • Mushrooms NPC.
  • Ability items NPC.
  • EV-reducing berries NPC.
  • IV perfecter NPC.
  • IV & EV scanner NPC.
  • IV & EV display in summary screen.
  • Nature indicator in summary screen.
  • Improved important battles.
  • Unchosen starters are obtainable.
  • Both Helix Fossil and Dome Fossil are obtainable.
  • Both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are obtainable.
  • Some unobtainable Johto Pokémon are obtainable.
  • Altering Cave Pokémon are obtainable.
  • All three Legendary Beasts will roam Kanto.
  • Mystic Ticket is obtainable.
  • Changed Trainer Tower's prizes.




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