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Version: Rebeta 1

Updated: May 09, 2024


Name: Pokemon Reinicio RPGXP
Language: Spanish
Creator: Rors



Pokemon Reinicio is a fresh, revamped Pokémon experience in an open-world, linear JRPG style. The story focuses on 6 different protagonists that you can switch between instead of a single mute avatar as the saga has done since Pokémon Red. It has been inspired by the Pokémon Colosseum, Final Fantasy VI and Xenogears sagas.

Test your strategies like never before with multi-stage bosses that allow you to switch teams, test your skills with unique hacking mini-games and more…!



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  • 6 playable characters, which you can switch between. Each one with a special unique ability.
  • Dynamic open world but without sacrificing the story. Huge areas to explore that depend on the members of the group.
  • Each character has a unique ability such as cutting brambles, awakening Pokémon that block the path, breaking rocks... etc.
  • Customize your Pokémon and be rewarded for strategizing: you can remember moves for your Pokémon from the team menu.
  • Multi-phase bosses, some enemies will require more than one fight to defeat. The PC will open and allow you to switch to your Pokémon.
  • Animated cutscenes, focus on story like no other game before BUT no walls of text to make it as light as possible.
  • A few convergent forms and two fakemon, a pre-evolution of Code Zero and a legendary based on a hippogriff and Attila's horse.


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