Pokemon Emerald Horizons GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald Horizons GBA

Version: v1.11

Updated: May 14, 2024


Name: Pokemon Emerald Horizons GBA
Language: English
Creator: BrandonXL



Pokémon has always held a prominent place among my hobbies. When I was younger, I enjoyed assembling teams to challenge different Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and any formidable Trainer considered a “boss battle.” The idea of creating my own game never crossed my mind until I played titles like Pokémon Unbound (by skeli and ghoul), Radical Red (by soupercell), and Inclement Emerald (by BuffelSalt). These hacks, in my opinion, represent the pinnacle of Pokémon experiences. What attracts me most to these games are a few shared characteristics: a diverse array of obtainable Pokémon, a sophisticated and modern battle engine, and, most importantly, a substantial level of challenge, masterfully exhibited in their intense boss battles. The concept of “boss battles” has always fascinated me, and after playing these exceptional games, I knew I wanted to create my own.



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Previous Versions

Change Log (v1.09)

  • New optional areas to explore.... let me give  you some example like (the smaller Icefall Cavern and the greatly expanded Scorched Slab)
  • Some new overworld legendary encounters; which was requested a lot, so this update marks the first batch of legendaries being made obtainable through logicial areas.
  • Addition of BSBob's/RavePossum's map popups on upper & down section after the player moves to other areas.
  • another Point to be noted is that with each release the learnsets are also updated for better battles...
  • also... the storyline has been changed a lot since last update, so you can explore more!



➔Difficulty Related: Set Mode, Level Caps, and Disabled Battle Bag
➔Most Gen 1-8 Pokémon are obtainable, including Hisuian forms
➔Modern Battle Engine, with Fairy-Type, Mega Evolution, Updated Moves, and Physical/Special Split
➔Loads of optional boss battles, with 8 Kanto Gym Leaders, 8 Johto Gym ➔Leaders, and a few miscellaneous bosses who reward valuable items
➔Exp. All
➔Bosses and mid/late game Trainers scale to or relative to your strength, so grinding/overleveling isn't a factor
➔Updated move animations, courtesy of Skeli and ghoulslash
➔No EVs/IVs/Natures factored into stats
➔75 TMs, with about 50% vanilla TMs and 50% custom TMs
➔Ghoulslash's DexNav (12 unique land/5 unique surf/5 unique fishing encounters); hold A to creep!
➔PSF's Quest Menu UI, with 30 Side Quests to Complete
➔Buffel's Poké Vial implementation
➔Ghoul's Item Description Headers
➔Badge-Based Poké Marts
➔BW Repel System
➔Unlimited use TMs/Forgettable HMs
➔Nicknaming and Move Relearning in Party Screen
➔Slateport City Level Grinder to quickly hit Level Cap
➔Linking Cord for most trade related evolutions
➔Post-Game Boss Rush Mode
➔2.5x Lucky Egg
➔Premier Ball Bonuses
➔No poison damage in the overworld



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