Pokemon Elite Redux GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Elite Redux GBA

Version: v2 beta 1

Updated: April 22, 2024


Name: Pokemon Elite Redux GBA
Language: English
Creator: darkyy92



12 years ago, Altena, the general of Valo Empire had to leave her country with her daughter Chronya. She didn't tell Chronya why they had to leave their hometown. The only thing Chronya knew was that she had a father who lived in Cyenn Region, and her mother decided to ask for his father's help. However, they were attacked by Dark Workers, who were employed by the Valo Emperor. The emperor wanted to get rid of Altena forever. Altena fell into Dark Worker's trap, Chronya had no choice, she had to jump into the ocean. She was saved by a young agent, this agent was called Gavin. To defend Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the beginning of Chronya's journey...



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Download the file👉👉👉Extract it👉👉👉Rename Extension from txt=gba

Previous Versions

Change Log v2 beta 1

  • Added the rest of Gen 8 Pokémon, Abilities, Moves and Itemm! (Including hisuian forms)
  • Added new custom moves and reworked existing ones
  • 160 new custom abilities & Reworked wild encounters
  • Every single Pokémon has been reviewed and eventually rebalanced
  • Added Permanent Mega Evolution mode as option
  • Over 65 new Redux Pokémon (including Megas)
  • Added all of Gen 9 Pokémon, Abilities, Moves and Items, including DLCs
  • Some Minor stuff like New battle backgrounds, Increased difficulty in some places, Improved QoL & Tons of Bug Fixes



➔Mega evolution (during battle)
➔Up to 4 Abilities At The Same Time
➔Every Single Trainer Has A Full Custom Moveset
➔Fair But Unique Difficulty
➔110+ New Custom Abilities
➔Reworked & Stronger AI
➔Zero Grinding
➔Reworked Pokémon, Abilities, Moves & Items
➔Teach Moves Directly From The Party Menu
➔Portable PC
➔Upgraded Battle Engine & Battle UI
➔Diverse Postgame
➔Easy Catching / Tweaked DexNav
➔Access To Many Battle & Evolution Items From The Start
➔Accessible For Everyone
➔Various Fun Randomizer Modes
➔Tons Of Quality Of Life Changes
➔Custom Options Menu


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