Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA

Version: v2.7.4D

Updated: May 22, 2024


Name: Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA
Type: GBA
Language: English
Creator: Cap'n Anon



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The famous Professor Elm has been busy with several new findings, among them the legend of the miraculous stones that did reach the Pokémon a higher level, due to this resorts to two of his assistants, Ethan/Kris and [Player], to deal with the operation of these, giving them a Pokémon for this. After sending [Player] to pick up a package with Mr. Pokemon, a mysterious red-haired guy steals a Pokemon in your laboratory. Now Ethan/Kris [Player], which received a Pokedex from Prof. Oak, will undertake a travel around the Johto region to complete the Pokedex and know who was that redhead boy and why he stole the Pokemon. (Johto Region Is Completed)


Change Log (v2.7.4D)

  • TM Case crash issues were fixed.
  • Wild encounters in some areas are corrected.
  • Removed the high quality sound mixer.
  • Fixed some issues with Rocket Hideout.
  • Fixed/updated all day encounters.
  • Addition of Lapras & Kingdra.



➔Exp Share All Can Be Obtained.
➔Pokemon Type Chart Is Updated.
➔Maps based Off HGSS World Map.
➔Added Improved New Trainer Card.
➔EV IV Checker For Player. (Pending)
➔Pokemon Mart Glitch Has Been Fixed.
➔Physical / Special Split Added In Game.
➔Original Soundtrack Ripped From HGSS.
➔Dexnav Added For Wild Encounter Detect.
➔In-Game Reported Bugs Have Been Fixed.
➔New Puzzles To Solve Alike Ruins Of Alpha.
➔A Perfect Johto Story With Twists To Explore.
➔Mega Evolution & Mega Stones. (Available Now)
➔DNS System / Time Based Wild Encounters & Events.
➔Pokemon From Gen 1- 6. (Randomizer Has Gen 7)
➔Introducing PokeRides, Items That Replace HM's.
➔Some New Gen 4 - 8 Unique Moves Were Included.
➔Explore New Locations In Johto. (Kanto In Progress)
➔Updated Pokemon Cries That Match Gen 7/8 Ones.
➔Daily Wonder Trade With In-Game Pokemon Trainers.
➔Move Tutor / Move Deleter Can Be Found At Pokecenter.




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  1. The download gave me v2.7.1 instead of the latest build