Pokemon Hyper Emerald 5.5 Lost Artifacts GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Hyper Emerald V5 Lost Artifacts GBA

Version: v5.5

Updated: September 18, 2023


Name: Pokemon Hyper Emerald 5.5 Lost Artifacts GBA
Type: GBA
Project: Emerald
Language: Chinese
Creator: Desvol & His Team




Previous versions


This Is The Last Update Of Hyper Emerald Which Brings Gen 8 Characteristics, Moves, Mechanics From Sword And Shield.



➔ Cross-generational enhancement of combat AI.
➔ The original plot with a higher degree of completion.
➔ All 898 Pokémon up to Sword and Shield are gathered, but there are still a few original Pokémon.
➔ All 8 generations of features are completed, including the familiar mirror armor, chemical gas, etc.
➔ All 8-generation moves such as grass slide, giant beast slash, etc. have been completed, and the skill animation has been completed.
➔ All 8th generation props have been completed, and now you can use characteristic capsules and characteristic plaster to modify the characteristics, wild flash is saved.
➔ All skill machines and skill teaching are synchronized to the 8th generation, corresponding to all the move learners and move records of Sword and Shield. Among them, the teaching skills of the ultimate emerald are all the move recorders in the sword and shield, and the super-hundred move learners in the ultimate emerald are all the teaching skills in the sword and shield.
➔ Perfect Mega evolution and Z skill system.
➔ A learning device that is synchronized to the sixth-generation characteristics. All Pokémon in battle will get 100% experience points, Pokémon not in battle will get 50% experience points, and the entire team will get the effort points.
➔ There are two regions of Hoenn and Shenno, as well as the other world of the ultimate cave, a total of 16 gymnasiums, and three major alliances waiting for you to challenge!
➔ The Shenno area has the function of transportation between towns.
➔ Like Sword and Shield, the order of shots of Pokémon in battle is calculated in real time. (The change of props will also affect the real-time calculation of the shot order)
➔ Introduce the Pokémon training level mechanism. Because trainers and Pokémon are in a relationship of mutual choice, not one side enslaves the other, so player trainers have their own training levels. Pokémon above this level cannot gain experience, they are disobedient in battle, and trainers cannot capture Pokémon beyond this level. Player trainers need to constantly challenge gyms and alliances to improve their training levels in order to control more powerful Pokémon.
➔ The ability value interface shows the character bonus (red+blue-).
➔ The four major venues have corresponding battle backgrounds, and the final battle has an exclusive battle background.
➔ In order to facilitate players to better cultivate Pokémon, the Individual Effort Viewer has been brought forward to the first week to obtain, and the Shuijing Market has added power bracers series items.
➔ In order to avoid problems caused by the modification of individual values, the function of modifying individual Pokémon in the Ultimate Alliance has been canceled, and a way to obtain a variety of monsters that will increase individual values ​​has been added in the game.
➔ Add convenient props such as cycling devices and news search devices. Among them, the news search engine can help you specify the location of the wandering Pokémon without obtaining the information of the illustrated book.
➔ The esoteric learner is optimized, and the corresponding badges can be used by fellow Pokémon who can learn it (but the flash still needs to be used in the old way).
➔ The cultivation house has removed the experience gain and added the function of rubbing hereditary moves in the sword and shield. However, when the transferee of the genetic move already has 4 skills, it is necessary to manually forget the existing skills to free up a position.
➔ The price of props has been optimized, and all tree fruits such as attribute resistance fruit and Shituo fruit have been added.
➔ For formula battles above normal difficulty (Gyms and Alliances, etc.), backpacks are prohibited, first-level gods and phantom beasts are prohibited, and race regulations and prop regulations are followed. (Recovery items in the backpack are no longer automatically sent to the computer)
➔ After each trainer battle, the props will be restored to before the battle.
➔ When saving the progress, you will be prompted that the space for regular items is left.
➔ Brand new trainer card.
➔ Pokémon with special characteristics, such as the Koga Ninja frog with the tie-transformation characteristic, have an independent method to obtain, and are no longer regarded as a common characteristic.
➔ Weather changes during battles will carry over to outside battles.
➔ The lineup of the pavilion owner and the alliance has been strengthened, and the operation is more flexible.
➔ A large number of side missions are waiting for you to explore every detail of this land.
➔ Add a lottery mechanism such as hitting a tree with a head hammer, and you can get various things from it.
➔ Two types of bicycles and two types of partner Pokémon can be obtained as the game progresses.
➔ The evolution of communication is back, experience the joy of exchanging with friends or "friends". (The alternative method originally set for alternative communication evolution will be cancelled)
➔ Surf and Diving will use a new Pokémon mount image.
➔ More rivals, stronger opponents.
➔ New team battles are added to fight with the legendary trainers!
➔ Common singles (63) and common doubles (64) with the same official rules will be added to the game plot flow.
➔ A new special mode battle will be added to the game plot flow. (such as mirroring, random, etc.)
➔ After the plot reaches a certain degree of completion, you can repeatedly challenge the powerful opponents in the past plots on the home game console on the second floor of your home.
➔ In the house in the upper right corner of Dawu's private campus, you can interact with the work team of Ultimate Emerald, and at the same time hide some information... 


Changelog v5.5 (Competed) & Sandbox

➔Added the Gigantamax system, which will be available with following some new settings.
➔The pokemons in the hisui area have been added, so some adjustments have been made to the pokemon' forms or you can say some original ones were moved & replaced!
➔Added several maps of the hisui area and corresponding side plots, and added a mine system when encountering enemies in the hisui area.
➔Increased the challenge of previous protagonist groups and champions.
➔The ultimate shuttle suit has been added, allowing you to enter various ultimate caves without carrying the Solgaleo and Lunala.
➔Add a remedy for missing the Z Pure Crystal. You can go to Mizuki on the right side of Stone Island to reawaken the defeated overlord.




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